Easy Ways to Use Plants When Staging Your Home for Sale

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You’ve heard that plants can be good for your health, but did you know they can also be good for your home? Plants can make a space feel brighter and more welcoming. When it comes to staging a home for sale, there are many ways to use plants to help make the most of this space.

Creating curb appeal

Plants can help make a house look more appealing and make it seem more welcoming. When selling your home, curb appeal is one of the most important aspects of staging.

  • Planting plants in front of windows and doors make the house appear larger than it is. This helps potential buyers imagine themselves living in your plant-loving home as opposed to just looking at its interior aesthetics on paper or online.
  • Plants also bring life to an otherwise dull space, whether that be an entryway, backyard patio, or front porch area! If you have a small yard but still want some greenery around your property line, planting ground coverers such as sedum will do the trick.

Picking the right plants

When choosing plants to place around your home, it’s important to pick ones that are appropriate for the area and the season. If you live in a tropical climate, you’ll want to avoid cacti and succulents (unless you’re staging a desert shack). If it’s cold outside in winter, then go with something that can handle freezing temperatures – like evergreens.

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Consider using plants that are easy to maintain.


When staging your home and choosing which plants will help stage your home for sale, keep the amount of light each area gets in mind as well. For example: if there’s little natural light coming into an area due to it being blocked by other houses or trees, then artificial lights may need to be installed. On the other hand, if an area gets lots of sunlight during certain parts of the day but not others (e.g., morning or evening), make sure whatever plants are used can withstand these changes too!

Finally, remember not only what kind but also the number of flower pieces. Try not to crowd too many together; otherwise, they might look messy instead of stylishly staged.

Add some color

One of the best ways to make your home more inviting is by adding plants that have color. Some researchers say most buyers view their homes in person before making an offer. Bright colors can brighten any home, so it’s great to put colorful plants in small rooms. When you’re staging a home for sale, it’s essential to use plants and flowers to help sell your house instead of detracting from it. And there are many options when it comes to using plants as part of your staging strategy.

plant in a teal-colored pot
Colorful pots can look appealing to potential buyers.


Keeping it low maintenance

There’s a fine line between low maintenance and no maintenance. If you’re going for the former, look for plants that are hardy, easy to care for, and able to survive in all kinds of conditions – especially humidity. These plants may require some special care when they first arrive but will eventually adjust to their new environment.

For plants that require more maintenance, try looking into water-saving varieties or succulents since these can be watered less often. In addition to watering requirements, fertilizing schedules should also be considered. Some plants need fertilizer every other week, while others only need it once a year or so. And if you’ve never had much luck in the past with gardening endeavors (or simply don’t want any more work than necessary), opt for succulents. They’re harder to kill and don’t require lots of extra nutrients.

If you want to add some vibrancy without going overboard, potted succulents are a great choice because they come in so many different varieties and colors. You could also choose seasonal or flowering plants like tulips or daffodils. Depending on where you live and what type of weather you typically experience during different seasons, these may be available year-round or only at certain points during the year. If possible, try growing some herbs like mints or basil. They can easily be grown outside or indoors and last quite a while once they’ve been harvested!

Put them in containers

Keeping plants in plastic containers can be beneficial in many ways. First, this is a simple and easy-to-maintain solution for a plant pot. On the other hand, plastic containers can easily become a decorative part of any room. Here are a few reasons you should use them for plants when staging your home for sale:

  • Containers can be moved around.
  • They can be changed seasonally.
  • Plants in decorative containers create a focal point.
  • These containers are versatile – you can even use them as a great way to hide clutter, like toys and even your own stuff.


succulent plant
Succulents are perfect for staging your home’s exterior.

They’re a great way to add color and style. They help bring the outdoors in, whether it be plants or fairy lights. You can use decorative containers to add texture and interest to a room. While staging a Manhattan apartment for sale, these can make a big difference in the visual sense, even in a small space. They can help make a room feel more cozy and intimate.

Use plants to make your home look more appealing to potential buyers.

Plants add color and texture to any home. They can be used in many ways to make your home more appealing to potential sellers. Here are a few ideas:

  • Use plants in your front yard to create curb appeal
  • Add plants inside the home, such as green indoor plants or succulents on tables or coffee tables
  • Create privacy with tall potted trees or shrubs next to windows

Use plants in your front yard to create curb appeal Plants can be used in many ways to make your home more appealing to potential buyers. One of the easiest is to add some greenery around the front door and on the porch. You must choose plants that are easy to care for and low maintenance. If you are a busy person with no time for gardening, you don’t want to have to worry about watering or pruning your plants.


Whether you’re looking for a way to bring a little life into your home or you’re staging your home for sale, plants can be a good addition to your design. With just a few simple steps, you can use them to create curb appeal and give your house that “freshly painted” feeling.


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