Creative ways to add more plants to your small space

Small succulent plants as indoor decoration.

If you want to add a little green to your home, luckily, you don’t need a lot of space to do it. Only a little bit of creativity is needed, and you can create your own urban garden. Look at plants as art pieces and choose them wisely. Here are some creative ways to add more plants to your small space and make it look fresh and beautiful.

Start small

When you start beautifying your home with plants, it’s best to start small. Choose few basic plants that are easy to maintain, such as Aloe and Jade. Keep adding more plants only if you’re sure they’ll get good light, that you’ll take good care of them and that you’ll be able to enjoy their presence. It’s impossible to become a master gardener overnight. First, pick something that thrives easily. If you have pets, be sure to choose something pet-friendly.

Small plants on a window sill.
If you want to add more plants to your small space, start with few basic plants that are easy to maintain.

Grow plants that offer additional benefits

Plants that “earn their space” will give you some tangible benefits, such as plants that clean the air or smell lovely. They are well worth the area in your home they occupy as they can replace air fresheners or purifiers. Air cleaning plants come in all sizes. You can place one of the small flowering plants on your desk, and it will keep your space smelling lovely without too much effort. Plants that grow food, such as fresh herbs and fruits, earn their space pretty accurately while giving you free, healthy food.

Forget about traditional places

One of the best ways to make an impact with a small amount of space and carefully chosen plants is to use areas that you wouldn’t consider at first. Windowsills are where most people keep their plants in small apartments but try to be more creative.

For example, put some plants into your bathroom. The bathroom’s humidity is a perfect habitat for some types of plants, such as tropical ones. Maybe you won’t see the space for plants there right away, but consider walls and install a shelf or two. Many low-maintenance plants are also bathroom-friendly, such as Fern and Pothos. You won’t need to water them as often as others, and they can clean the air and soak up the humidity while you’re taking a shower or bath.

A bathroom decorated with plants.
Some plants are perfect for your bathroom.

Choose multi-tiered planters

Small spaces demand smart solutions. Every plant in the pot needs to have room to grow, and you can acquire that with a little effort. Growing up instead of out makes the best solution for plants in a small space. You can buy space-saving multi-tiered planters made from two or three pots built on top of each other. They are great for herbs. Remember to check if there are some holes in the bottom so the roots can drain (cut them by yourself if needed).

Use your vertical space

The basic rule of doing anything in small spaces is to use your vertical space as much as you can. Vertical spaces are typically unused in small apartments, while so many things occupy our floor space. You can use many vertical planting ideas that won’t take a ton of your precious space, such as installing a wall-hanging plant holder or a vertical bamboo planter. Vertical gardens are one of the perfect creative ways to add more plants to your small space.

Extra shelving around the windows

The best way to give your plants a place in your small home you know they’ll thrive is inside, around, or under your windows. You can hang over-the-window plant shelves, and if you don’t find anything appropriate, you can order custom-made shelves fitted for your particular windows. Over-the-windows plant shelves are actually an excellent solution for cat owners, as they keep greenery away from them.

Choose plants that flourish in any season

For those living in a small, limited space or with a hectic schedule, dealing with plants that just flower in the spring and early summer is definitely not the best option. Those plants require a ton of re-work in the winter. Research well, choose those plants for your garden that you can keep happy all year long, no matter the season, and start making the green oasis in your home that you dreamed about for so long. Peace Lilly can bloom throughout the year, even though it produces the most flowers during summer.

Mount tension rods

Use tension rods throughout your home and hang multiple plants. Large and sturdy tension rods can hold a significant amount of weight from larger plants. Smaller tension rods can be used with small hanging planters and hooks to mount plants like succulents. Try these ways to add more plants to your small space.

Hang small planters from hooks

You can use this super space-saving way to add a little bit of green in almost any room in your home. You can hang small succulent planters from the unused hooks on your towel or coat rack. If the shelf has top storage for more greenery, even better, but either way, this innovative solution will make your small space look very cool and modern.

Use your small backyard wisely

As with interior decorating, using vibrant colors and plants will refresh your yard and give it depth. Your small backyard can be a place of relaxation with few easy steps. Ads some perspective to your small outdoor space with different levels. Then, you’ll have extra spots for plant pots to be arranged nicely. And again, use vertical wall space for thoughtful planting. Even the smallest of gardens can flourish with this technique that makes the most out of available space. Like indoors, you can use shelves and hooks. You can also try to create an authentic living wall with these types of plants:

  • Herbaceous perennials
  • Grasses
  • Small shrub
  • Herbs
  • Some fruits
Shovels and a lot of plants in a small backyard.
Even if your backyard is small, you can beautify it with many plants.

Final words

Greenery improves our mood, makes us feel happier, more productive, and more relaxed. For many people, what is preventing them from adding plants to their homes is learning how to keep them alive and where to actually put them. Now that you know many creative ways to add more plants to your small space, there are no excuses not to make your perfect indoor garden. Your space will look much better, and you’ll feel more serene.

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Author bio: Alicia Smith is an interior designer with 10 years of experience. She lives in sunny California with her husband and three kids. Her hobbies are gardening and cooking. Recently, Alicia started writing blogs with the main focus on her own experiences, such as using small spaces in the best possible way.

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