Sunday Garden Quote: Mother’s Day

A mother’s love is like a garden. Her children are the seeds.And as they grow, she tends to them. Fulfilling all their needs.Her kindness is like sunshine that warms them as they flower.Her nurturing, like springtime rain, a soft and gentle shower.A mother’s love is like a garden, reflecting tender care.For wherever there is beauty, a mother’s love is there.” — Amanda Bradley  —

Mother’s Day evening……
“Flowers have been delivered, cards opened and read.
Special dinners have been served, leftovers in the fridge.
Happy stories have been passed around, leaving smiles wherever they were heard.
The beauty of this day is from all of our Mother’s love.” – Dave

Gardening On A Dime’s wish for our Mothers is that this special day was filled with laughter and love.

Happy Gardening,
Dave and Trish

Two Florida gardeners living in a sub-tropical paradise. Find us on Google+!


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