About Us

About us….
We are two seventy something gardeners, living in west central Florida. We are in zone 9….9A or 9B depending on Mother Nature’s weather plans. My partner in gardening and all things good spend most of our free time outside. We both enjoy working in our gardens, reading, relaxing and dreaming on this little piece of earth. We have built all of our gardens in a hands-on way, block by block, timber by timber, shovelful by shovelful. There are always a lot of DIY projects on the list of things to do.

Gardening on a Dime, is about enjoying all of the aspects of backyard gardening. From pulling the weeds to picking the flowers. From making pavers and pots to building bins and raised beds. We reuse, remake and sometimes re-engineer things to utilize them for our projects. Sometimes, these ideas work and sometimes, well….not so much. However, sometimes they not only work better than expected, but they look pretty cool too. Some projects will be posted complete from start to finish. Others will be posted over time, as the projects grow and develop to completion. We share with you items that we pick up for next to nothing at garage sales, nurseries and “who knows where” and use them in our landscape. Our philosophy is to spend less on the DIY projects by reusing and recycling and redesigning.

By holding to that philosophy, we are able to spend a little more on garden tools and accessories. We follow the old thought that if you buy something of quality one time, you may never need to buy it again. So from time to time, we’ll get a new garden toy. We’ll check it out and let you know how it performs. From the basic gloves to the finest shears, we like to try them all.

Of course, we do not get any freebees. Just like many of you, we decide what kind of rake or shovel or whatever looks the “feels right”  in the store. Then we buy it and hope for the best. Our thought is that maybe we can give you a “heads up” about what works and what to leave on the shelf. When we find things that are really worth the money, we will provide a link on our site to lead you to more information.

You will also find articles here that we have come across on the web. In our searches for ideas of interests, we come across information that we think might help others like us. You might find a guest author’s article about bonsai one day and on another day, there might be an article from our own bonsai experiences.

We both hope you enjoy your visit and that you return for more tidbits of helpful information. Information that will also allow you to do some ………Gardening on a Dime .