Most popular house plants in America

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We all love plants. They enrich every room, purify the air we breathe in and are good for the planet. With so many different sizes and kinds of plants, there is no doubt that you will be able to find some suitable for your living space, no matter how big or small it is. Moreover, most house plants require minimal care and will thrive in almost all indoor conditions – just put them in a sunny place and water them once a week! So, do you need any other reason to start styling your home with plants? Probably not! Thus, today, let us talk about some of the most popular house plants in America that you can get pretty much anywhere and anytime.

Peace Lily

There is something so graceful about peace lilies. They have beautiful green leaves and elegant white flowers. What is surprising is that this plant was a trendy gift in the past. However, people didn’t buy real lilies but fake ones, usually made of plastic or silk. But there is no reason for doing that because this house plant is so easy to maintain. You do not even have to put it close to your window because it does not require a lot of natural lighting at all. But it does need watering a couple of times a week.

A Peace Lily
Peace lilies are easy to grow, and they do well in all indoor conditions.

Spider Plant

Spider plant is a classic. It is definitely one of the most popular house plants in America. At a certain point in time, you could find this plant in almost all homes, offices, and even shopping malls. Simply put, a spider plant was a go-to way to beautify your home with plants without much effort. This is because it looked great, and it could also be acquired just anywhere and for a relatively low price (sometimes even for free). Moreover, since this plant has arching leaves, it looks great on shelves and hanging baskets – perfect for small apartments. Taking care of it is easy too – it just needs a bit of light, indirect if possible, and a little water once a week.

Aloe Vera

You are probably familiar with all the benefits that come from the plant called aloe vera. The gel from its leaves is used in medicine and cosmetics. And the best part is that you do not have to be a chemist to use this ‘product’! All you have to do is cut one leaf in half and spoon out the gel. The gel can be immediately applied onto the skin – either sore and burnt skin or healthy, if it needs a bit of TLC. If you take care of your aloe vera plant, it will start producing pup offsets immediately to replace the ones you have taken. Taking care of it is easy too – put it close to your window and water it once every two weeks.

Moreover, this plant can be easily moved if you plan to relocate, or just send it as a gift to somebody. Professional movers like Evolution Moving Company DFW pack and transport these plants with the utmost care, just like any other household item. Since they have very firm leaves and do not need much water, they are resilient and cannot get damaged easily. All it takes is some plastic wrap and packing paper, and this plant can travel across the world.

Aloe vera plants in a decorative pot
Besides green, aloe vera plants can also be red and brown.

Lucky Bamboo

Though not a real bamboo, but a member of the genus Dracaena, Lucky Bamboo is one of the most popular house plants in America. It is a good way to get the feeling of bamboo in your space. What people love about this plant is that it grows in water, not in soil. So, for it, you only need a vase. But, do not worry, the fact that it ‘lives’ in a vase does not mean that it will wilt in a couple of days, no. This plant can grow for years in that vase. You can weave its stems into braids or grids and allow it to grow as much as your space allows. So, if you were looking for creative ways to add more plants to your small space, lucky bamboo is the way to go.


We all love basil – on our pizza and pasta. But did you know that your favorite herb can become your favorite houseplant too? Well, it can. It can thrive in indoor conditions just as much as outdoor. Just make sure to place it as close to your window as possible and water it a couple of times a week. In return, this plant will enrich your living space with beautiful looks and luscious smells.

Moreover, this is another plant that can be transferred easily. The right way to transfer them would be to put them in a box that is filled with packing peanuts. Moving plants might seem scary if you’ve never done it before, but there is nothing to worry about if you take your time to do it right. If you plan on sending this plant to someone, it would be best to take it out of the pot, place its roots in a damp cloth, and wrap the whole plant in packing paper.

A Basil Plant
Basil has the most beautiful, little, fragrant leaves that will enrich any room.


We can’t talk about the most popular house plants in America and not mention the one and only philodendron. Every house either has it or had it in the past. Philodendron plants can grow in pots on the ground, or they can hang from your shelves, for example. They do not require direct lighting and prefer watering once a week (or even once every two weeks). Philodendron is one of those low-maintenance plants to start on a busy schedule – it will last forever, and nothing will happen if you go on a longer vacation. Moreover, it comes in a couple of colors, too, so finding one that suits your living space will be easy.

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