3 Low Maintenance Plants to Start With on a Busy Schedule

Jade Plant Flower

Not everyone has a green thumb, but at one point or another, most people have thought of starting a garden. However, gardens require a lot of time, care, and commitment. If you don’t think you’ll be able to follow through with the upkeep of a garden, it’s hard to justify spending the money on setting it up.

More commonly, not everyone has an outdoor space that can facilitate a garden, and many don’t have an outdoor space at all.

If you want to test the waters of caring for plants before jumping into a gardening hobby, the best thing to do is to first purchase an indoor plant that’s easy to take care of. From there, you can decide whether or not caring for plant life is for you.

To get you going on your journey, here are 3 low maintenance plants to start with on a busy schedule.

Jade Plant

These unique, commonly potted plants are as beautiful to look at as they are easy to take care of. Popular in homes and offices as well as in proper outdoor gardens, Jade Plants can be purchased in a variety of sizes for a variety of uses. They’re often seen as symbols of good luck, however you won’t need much to take care of one.


That’s because Jade Plants are considered among the simplest to maintain. They thrive in temperatures of 65°F-75°F during the day, meaning they fare perfectly for indoor temperatures. As long as your home doesn’t get too hot, you can avoid it withering.

Jade Plants love sunlight, however shouldn’t be placed in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. This could cause the leaves to scorch. Watering it is also simple. Just be sure to not overwater to prevent root rot, and let it dry out a little before rewatering.

Aloe Plant

When you hear “aloe vera,” you might think of the lotion you put on your skin to treat a sunburn. The origin of this gel, however, is the Aloe Plant which is a perfect plant companion for your home. The Aloe Plant is stemless and has thick, green leaves lined with small teeth.

aloe plant

Much like a Jade Plant, an Aloe Plant thrives in sunlight, however you should avoid leaving it in direct sunlight for too long. If you do, you’ll notice that the leaves will turn yellow and slowly wither. Rather, indirect sunlight or artificial light sources create a perfect environment for an Aloe Plant. Just don’t let it dry out too much between waterings.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

You’ve probably seen this plant or tree pop up in a number of homes over the past few years. While the Fiddle Leaf Fig is extremely popular and easy to maintain, it requires a little more attention than the other two plants in this article.


Fiddle Leaf Figs require a ton of sunlight, so placing them by a window to receive as much direct light as possible is ideal. However, make sure you place these plants away from any vents as they are extremely sensitive to drafts.

Make sure that the top two inches of soil have dried out before you water your Fiddle Leaf Fig. However, the moisture level should be somewhat consistent, so ensure that the plant doesn’t dry out completely. If properly taken care of, the Fiddle Leaf Fig can introduce a natural splash of green into your home.


Start your plant care journey with any of these low maintenance plants, and you’ll quickly see how rewarding it is to care for greenery. Not only will they spruce up your space, but they’ll offer you a newfound connection to nature.

More information on caring for jade plants can be found at Happy DIY Home.

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