PotLifter 200-Pound Gardening Heavy Lifting Tool


 We found a product at one of the larger nurseries about a year or so ago. It’s called a “PotLifter”. It is a strap and handles harness that makes it a lot easier to move large pots, containers, logs, or bags of potting mix. We’ve used it to move concrete pots.
Perhaps in other parts of the country it is better known, but we haven’t found many places in our area that carry it……yet.
This product could become very popular with gardeners.

The juniper bonsai pot, shown here,  is solid concrete and weighs in excess of 100 pounds.



Large Blue Rug Juniper Bonsai
Large Blue Rug Juniper Bonsai

Speaking of this pot, we found this in the broken/clearance yard in an area nursery. It was a Gardening on a Dime type purchase. (Recycle by reusing, at an economical price.) With nothing wrong with it, we figured it was too heavy for them to sell or keep moving around. Basically, the guy working the yard wanted help to load it up into anybody’s truck to get rid of it. We became “anybody”. We left knowing that we had just received a great deal, even if we still didn’t know how we were going to move it around.
As soon as we got it home, our PotLifter was put thru another test.
It’s a fairly simple design.

Two straps are easily snapped under the rim of the pot.

Potlifter Straps
Strap It On
Lift It with Potlifter Straps
Piece Of Cake!

When two people lift the handles together, equal tensioning pulls on both sides of the pot. From there, you just lift it up, move it to wherever and sit it down. No dragging, no trying to load into a wagon, no balancing on a two wheel hand cart.

Lift it, move it, sit it down…..All done!

Place It With Potlifter
Place It

If we had to make a list of the top tools that were a must in our backyard, this would probably be in the top five.

Potlifter Straps
Potlifter Straps

It’s not often that we find a product that delivers more than it promises. Nowadays, most everything can be purchased everywhere. But know that if you purchase anything by going to Amazon from this website, you are helping two folks enjoy the best life has to offer. Living lots of life outdoors, enjoying gardening.
So get yours today. Click on this PotLifter 200-Pound Gardening Heavy Lifting Tool
link for more infomation and pricing. Thank you and…
As always,
Happy Gardening,
Dave and Trish

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