How To Drill Drainage Holes In Ceramic Pots, Planters And More

You can find a variety of ceramic containers at most thrift stores, garage sales and outlet stores. Many of them can be used as decorative planters. And they will work fine indoors, as long as you do not over water them. Try using them as planters outdoors on your deck or patio and there is a good chance that rain will drown your plants….

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Ingenious Gadgets Keep Smart Gardeners Playing In The Dirt

Garden gadgets can make yard work so much easier. If you have found yourself weeding, lifting, kneeling or raking, then you might be interested in a few of these simple ideas below. I’ve been especially impressed with the Pot Lifter and the Ground Hog Circular Rake. (ARA) – Gardeners who like things easy, have mobility…

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Gardening Time Savers

I don’t know about you, but around here, the longer the days, the more things we put on our gardening “to do” list. This is the time of year when those winter ideas become real projects. I enjoy the planning, planting and landscaping. However, I think you would agree that one can overload the brain…

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Garden season preparation: Ready tools for the growing season

One of the purposes of Gardening On A Dime is to give you economical tips and hints to get you started down the gardening path. Tools are bought, plants are planted, and then what?  Care for those tools is often forgotten as they are laid aside until the next time they are needed. Read these tips and take care of those…

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PotLifter 200-Pound Gardening Heavy Lifting Tool

 We found a product at one of the larger nurseries about a year or so ago. It’s called a “PotLifter”. It is a strap and handles harness that makes it a lot easier to move large pots, containers, logs, or bags of potting mix. We’ve used it to move concrete pots. Perhaps in other parts of the country…

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