6 Plants To Increase Positivity In Your Life

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There comes a time in our lives when we feel down. Sometimes with reason, but sometimes, even without a particular one. We are constantly tired…tired of doing things, feeling things – in short – tired of everything. But, one can only feel blue for so long before it turns into a serious problem, perhaps even a mental issue. That’s why it’s essential to focus on all the good in life, and, believe it or not, plants can help you accomplish that! Plants to increase positivity in your life are, nevertheless, also considered some of America’s favorite. Well, we can safely say that’s absolutely for a reason!

What Does Science Say?

Plants have a way of improving our mood, and that’s a fact heavily backed by science. Thanks to their oxygen production, they purify the air we breathe, thus making us more awake, alert, and happier overall. Furthermore, the green color of leaves, in particular, positively affects one’s mind. It induces serenity, aids relaxation, and helps rid oneself of stress.

Not only does greenery help us on a personal level, but it also helps our planet. Considering we all share the Earth, keeping it healthy is extremely important. Unfortunately, the rate at which our planet deteriorates is constantly increasing. While the damage has already been done, that’s not to say we can’t stop the situation from escalating any further. Making sustainable improvements around your home is a way of preventing that. The goal is to make it more eco-friendly, and one of the ways to ensure that happens is to add plants to the premises

6 Plants to Increase Positivity in Your Life When You Need It Most

Now that we’ve covered the science part, it’s time to talk about the top plants you should include in your personal space, regardless of how tiny or big it is. The sooner, the better.

#1 Money Plant

Not only can this plant improve your mood, but it’s also believed to bring prosperity to one’s life, hence the name. On top of bringing wealth, people claim that it serves as a good luck charm, too. What science CAN back up are its positive effects on the central nervous system. In particular, its ability to reduce stress and anxiety and absorb synthetic chemicals within its surroundings.

As far as caring for this plant goes, the process is pretty uncomplicated. The interesting thing about the money plant is that it can grow both in water and in soil. It’s up to you to decide where to put it. However, bear in mind that, once you’ve chosen the soil/water, there’s no replacing it any longer. Otherwise, you risk it withering away. The money plant should also be kept away from the direct sunlight not to sustain leaves damage. It’s typically kept in glass containers.

#2 Peace Lily

Peace lily, much like the previous contender on the list, can grow both in soil and water. It’s known for its capability to neutralize harmful gasses from the air, and it’s thought to bring peace to one’s mind by improving the positive energy flow.

Peace lily should be away from the direct sunlight, that is, in a partial shade to be more precise as it requires light to grow. It should be watered once a week and placed in a pot that’s not larger than its roots.

#3 Basil

Among six plants to increase positivity in your life is basil. The plant itself has a plethora of beneficial effects on human bodies, minds, and the environment. When ingested, it has antioxidant properties. In addition, it promotes energy cleansing within the space it is in.

Basil typically loves the sun, although it can also survive in the partial shade. It requires watering at least once a week, as its soil needs to remain moist.

Basil leaves
Among plants to increase positivity in your life is basil, known for its beneficial properties.

#4 Lucky Bamboo

Feng Shui suggests introducing lucky bamboo onto the premises to improve the energy flow – or the flow of positive energy. By the ancient science of Vaastu, lucky bamboo directly represents success, wealth, and good luck. It should, ideally, be put in such a spot that it faces the East or Southeast.

The plant should be put in a low dish/pot and watered weekly. It does well in both bright light and low light environments.

#5 Aloe Vera

Thought to deter bad luck, aloe vera can remove pollutants from the environment it is in. It has a reputation for having exceptional healing properties, as well.

Aloe vera must be kept in a bright spot, away from the direct sunlight. The light can come from a natural or an artificial source, and it shouldn’t be watered as often. In fact, it shouldn’t be water until the soil becomes completely dry. It needs to be put in a wide and deep pot, preferably made from terra cotta.

Aloe vera in a pot
Aloe vera is primarily known for its healing properties. It also purifies the surrounding space.

#6 Jade Plant

People believe that by having a jade plant on the premises, they’d become wealthier and more successful. While that’s open to interpretation, what’s 100% true is that the jade plant improves the oxygen levels and freshens up the home.

It’s best to keep it in a bright spot that receives no direct sunlight. It needs watering only once the soil has turned dry. In terms of a pot, well, it’s recommended that you keep the jade plant in a clay pot that allows proper drainage.

A jade plant in a pot
The jade plant is thought to help people become wealthy and successful.

The Verdict

Hopefully, our top picks for the plants to increase positivity in life have provided you with ideas to improve your indoor garden. Once you have done it, you are bound to notice the positive effects sooner or later.

Catherine Smith

Author’s Bio: Catherine Smith is a writer and a consultant at promoversmiami.com. She’s a plants enthusiast who has a small but mighty indoor garden. On top of taking care of her greenery, she also enjoys cooking.

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