Why Wordless Wednesday?


Some time ago, I found myself landing on pages that kept mentioning “Wordless Wednesday”. Why Wordless Wednesday? That got me to thinking about this uniquely blogosphere day in the middle of the week. And though the concept sounded pretty neat, I still wanted to know why such a day exists. Sure, it’s a quick way to share photos with kindred spirits. An easy, visual method to show everyone what is going on in your world. All in all, good things result from this hump day break. A break from communicating with words.

But, I felt there had to be more to this.

Random Sunflowers

Begonias by the back door.
Blood Lilies in bloom.
An old jade retired in the sun.

There had to be another attraction to this concept. Then, it finally hit me. This mid-week format was indeed a break.
Many of us run at high-speed all week. Darting between jobs, family, hobbies and interests. We find ourselves go, go, going everyday, while being overloaded with information.
I realized that wordless Wednesday was my time to slow down and enjoy the view for a few moments. My time to let my brain enjoy images and forget about interpreting the words. It has become a few moments to find what I would call a “mini-zen” spot. A few minutes to sit back and enjoy nature via my desktop.

Mother Nature’s airbrush

Understanding why I enjoy this particular day, I grabbed the camera and went to the yard for these shots of what is currently blooming. I hope you enjoy our first Wordless Wednesday from Gardening On A Dime. I know I enjoyed putting it together.
Happy Gardening,
Dave and Trish
P.S. Next time, we’ll try to make Wordless Wednesday truly wordless.

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  1. Lovely blooms. Like the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

    If I find out about what type of grass that is, I’ll post it in my blog. Thanks for visiting and your kind comments.


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