Things to consider when buying a house with a garden

a beautiful house with a garden

A beautiful house with a garden is a dream of almost every homebuyer. If you’re fortunate enough, you may find a garden already in tip-top condition, but usually, there are many things to consider and be aware of before closing the deal on the home. A quick glance at the garden when viewing a property isn’t enough. Keep in mind that when you’re planting a garden, you’re also planting your happiness. In this article, we’ll summarize crucial things to look for when considering buying a house with a garden.


How much sunlight you’ll have in the garden is a vital thing to consider. A south-facing garden will receive more natural light, while a north-facing garden will be less well-lit, and it will consequentially be cooler. The amount of sunlight affects not only the types of plants you’ll be able to grow but also the quality of the soil. North-facing gardens tend to hold more water than south-facing gardens, so drainage can be a potential issue with them. Buying a property with a garden facing the east or west direction can be well-suited for many. A west-facing garden is suitable for most people who spend all day at work but like to spend their evenings outside. An east-facing garden is perfect for those who want to start a day with excitement and a morning coffee out in the fresh air.

Consider your needs, routines, and preferences to make the best choice, and decide if you’re ready for some compromises. If you find a flourishing plant life already on-site, it’s a good sign that the yard gets an adequate amount of sunlight and has rich soil, which is something you’re looking for.

Sunny home with a garden with a lot of greenery
How much sunlight the garden will have is vital to consider.


The perfect garden should provide enough space for:

  • Plants you plan to grow
  • Family activities
  • Dinners in the summer
  • Entertaining
  • Safe play area for kids, as well as for pets

When you’re going out to explore the garden on the open-house day, use this trick: Imagine one whole year in the life of your family and see how you’d live in this particular garden. How comfortable will this space be for all of you?

Troublesome plants and trees

If you’re into gardening, you probably already know about Japanese Knotweed – one of the most troublesome plants. It’s extremely difficult to remove, and it can also cause extensive structural damage. The home’s drainage system, garden walls, and foundations can suffer because this menace puts them at risk. Therefore, it’s imperative to check if there are any signs of it before moving into the property.

There are also certain trees which can be problematic. Some of them can cause structural damage, even subsidence. For that reason, you should hire a surveyor to assess the property prior to purchase. If there are any problems, a home buyer report will highlight them. Mature trees are wonderful because they improve air quality and provide shade to the yard. However, sick or neglected trees, as well as those improperly pruned, are costly to treat or may even have to be removed. An experienced arborist can make sure all trees on the property are healthy and regularly maintained to avoid those kinds of problems.

Trees and plants in the garden vital to consider when buying a house with a garden
Make sure all trees on the property are healthy and well maintained when considering buying a house with a garden.


How you get into the garden is usually hard to change, so consider it carefully before buying a home. Some houses have side entrances to the backyard, while some don’t – due to garages or extensions built on the side of the property. In that case, you’ll have to access the garden through the house. Not having access from the outside may be an issue, so bear that in mind when you’re viewing the property. Think about situations when you’ll need to do some work at the rear of the house or have your back windows cleaned.


A good shed is an important addition to any garden, so remember to check out its state. Secure and sturdy sheds are perfect for storing your equipment and your garden tools. Such tools require plenty of care, so when you pack them for relocation to your new house with a garden, you must be very cautious.

Remember to take a good look at the shed’s locks, doors, and windows. A shed in poor condition is a significant liability if it’s not secure enough to store anything of value. Old shacks are usually left to deteriorate further until it’s finally time to knock them down and build a new one. Consider it well if you’re looking to avoid extra work around the garden in the future.

A well-maintained shed for storing gardening tools
A good, sturdy, and secure shed is a valuable addition to any garden.


Whenever you’re viewing a property with a garden, there are also many factors to consider regarding its maintenance. Will you be able to handle the upkeep of the outdoor space, or you’ll need a gardener? Do you like landscaping? Are there any changes or improvements that need addressing? Additional costs can mount – so be sure to have a plan to cover any that might incur from your garden. Gardening can also be done on a dime if you plan and organize your budget well.

A sound irrigation system will save you time and uses less water than traditional watering by hand. If the home you are looking into has an irrigation system, give it a thorough test to make sure it works well.

Don’t compromise on your dreams

There’s a good chance that not everything in the seller’s garden will suit your lifestyle and your taste, but you’ll be able to decide what’s an easy fix and what may give you headaches. Carefully check all areas before buying a house with a garden, to avoid huge expenses in the future. A garden is not just a place for plants. Let your garden be your serenity, your passion, source of peace, and solace, your own little Eden.

Author Bio: Janet Preston is working as a contractor for the Master Moving Guide. She has a lot of experience as an exterior designer, and she’s a real garden lover. Janet can’t imagine a happy life without a lot of greenery in her surroundings. She dedicates her spare time to her children, who she teaches to love nature as much as she does. Photo Credits:
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