Sunday Morning Garden Quote: Start Your Day With Excitement

“It is always exciting to open the door and go out into the garden for the first time on any day.” – Marion Cran

Any morning that I can stay home usually involves me doing exactly what this quote says. I grab a cup of fresh coffee and immediately step out into our garden. Some mornings I find that something has changed overnight. Many times I find that things are the same as they were the evening before. It doesn’t matter because, just as this quote describes, there is always an “excitement” about seeing one’s garden for the first time every day.

These pictures were taken this morning. After finally getting some rain last night, I wanted to see what the much needed moisture did to spring something new to life.

The results:

Mexican Petunia
Mexican Petunia

The Mexican Petunias seemed to have enjoyed the drink of fresh rain.

Baby Caladium
Baby Caladium

And a new baby caladium unrolled to greet the morning.

Skyflower Duranta
Skyflower Duranta

The biggest surprise? A Skyflower Duranta finally opened up some of its tiny delicate flowers.

So, our gardening tip for this Sunday morning…..

If you haven’t yet stepped into your garden today, you are missing something. We cannot tell you what particular surprise is waiting in your own garden, but something is there. Feeling a little anticipation and excitement, go find it. And this week, before you rush off to start your daily routine, step into your garden. Those few moments will make the rest of your day better for you and those around you.

Have a wonderful Sunday enjoying the rewards of your garden.

Happy Gardening,
Dave and Trish

Two Florida gardeners living in a sub-tropical paradise. Find us on Google+!

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