Blue Skies and Indian Blankets

Whenever we visit the beach we look forward to seeing the blue skies above the ocean  one of our favorite wildflowers, Indian Blanket flowers.

Gaillardia pulchella, also know as Firewheel or just plain Indian Blanket grows throughout most of the central United states. In our area, they grow wild on the sand dunes. Liking hot weather, we caught them at the beginning of their flowering season. Most of the time you will find them growing upwards of two feet tall and about the same around.

Beachy Blue Skies
We Love The Beach!

Indian Blackets definitely brighten our days at the beach.

Indian Blanket
Wonderful Summer Colors
Indian Blankets Gaillardia pulchella
They spread about three feet.

Also, we came across a sign on the edge of the dunes.

Stay Off Dunes Signs
Please use the walkways.

So as a matter of public service on our part, we encourage everyone that visits any beaches to please respect the signs and the rules that they display. If you are with somone who  forgets or is just too busy to slow down and follow the right path, please stop them. Remind them that  the dunes are fragile and that we are all are wonderfully fortunate  to be visiting  another of nature’s finest gardens.

Happy Gardening,
Dave and Trish

Two Florida gardeners living in a sub-tropical paradise. Find us on Google+!

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