6 Backyard Remodeling Projects to do This Summer


In terms of adding functional space to your property, there are few remodeling projects that can match the backyard, as an enjoyable yard can provide a pleasant change of scenery without ever having to get in your car.
Therefore, with the warm weather giving you ample time to get work done, there is no better time than summer to get started on the following backyard remodeling projects, any and all of which can add both intrinsic and monetary value to your home.

Upgrade the Driveway

The summer is notorious for afternoon thunderstorms, and there is nothing more annoying than getting home from work and feeling trapped in your car because there are puddles all-around your parking space. Or inviting your friends over for a barbecue, only to see them leave massive ruts as they pull away for the evening.
If these, or any other common driveway issues, continue to mar your beautiful home, consider adding an upgraded driveway to your property. While choosing between a gravel or concrete driveway may seem difficult, there are many innovative developments in gravel driveways that provide a clean, natural look, all of which are designed to handle heavy traffic without rutting or clumping, offering an enticing invitation to your home’s backyard.

Install an Outdoor Kitchen

Eating outdoors is a staple of summertime, but air conditioning costs can become quite lofty if you continually run into and out of the house to complete your dinner preparations.
To help remedy this issue, full-service outdoor kitchens are becoming a popular addition to American backyards. Stone ovens, stainless steel appliances, and quartz countertops are favorite installations to create a classy, weather-resistant environment for your outdoor cook space. In addition, there are a number of trendy pergola design ideas that can offer further protection from the elements and a sun shield when cooking on warm afternoons.


Build a Deck

In terms of return on investment, building a deck is among the most profitable backyard remodel projects, as a well-constructed deck essentially adds square footage to your house.

In addition to being a great place for the grill, picnic table, and outdoor easy chairs, the deck is an ideal location to leave your muddy shoes and dry off from all of those backyard water fights before entering the house.

Landscape to Improve the Water Flow

While definitely not the most exciting renovation project, improving the water flow in your backyard may be one of the most profitable, as poorly flowing water can leave sections of your yard dry or swamped, inefficiencies that will cause water bills to spike. In addition, water that flows toward your house poses the threat of seeping under the foundation and causing shifting that can lead to costly structural issues.

Ideally, your backyard will be landscaped in a manner that sees it slope slightly away from your home, consistently covering all areas of the yard before any runoff trickles down to the gutters or driveway drainage system

Add a Swimming Pool

The return on investment for adding a swimming pool is dubious, as the high cost and commitment to maintenance gives pause to some prospective buyers. However, if stay-at-home recommendations are leaving you feeling a little stir crazy without the opportunity to escape reality on a sunny beach, the timing could be better than ever to take the plunge and add a swimming pool.

Design a Pass-Through Window

If you want to eat more meals outdoors this summer but do not want to commit to an outdoor kitchen, adding a pass-through window can be a simple alternative. A pass-through window would open directly from the deck and/or backyard into the kitchen, allowing you to pass food and dishes back-and-forth without constantly opening and shutting the door.

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