Top 2023 gardening trends: gardening with a purpose takes root

A variety of flowers.

Gardening is a hobby for many people to pass the time simply, but it has a specific initial goal for others. The gardening purpose for you might be to grow vegetables or fruit to sell at the Farmers’ Market or create urban sanctuaries. 

Many homeowners grow food while gardening in their yards, including herbs, vegetables, and fruit trees. Some solely use their gardens for this purpose while others mix the food with their flowers.

Beautiful gardens illustrate how landscape maintenance and views affect the environment. There are several trends that gardeners may want to follow in 2023.

The Tesla Effect

Tesla is famous for its innovations and that’s what the phrase Tesla Effect stands for. In 2023 you can prepare technology to power your green investment. You will find devices such as robot lawnmowers, leaf blowers, etc. to be very useful for your garden. 

If the purpose of your gardening is to sell plants, food, and other products you will find e-commerce websites helpful. You can post advertisements on different platforms using smart software and even create a website for your products so you can sell online.

The technology will be helpful for you to even save up some money. These innovations will do the work in a short time so you can have profitable products as soon as possible.


We live in an era where the internet gives helpful insight into the performance of businesses. Pinterest is a very popular social app that will help you find inspiration for your garden. Younger generations seem to have a type, which is cottage-style gardens. You can even look up “cottagecore aesthetic” to get the idea.

If you own a rental and your purpose is to attract tenants and guests, your property manager would agree that styling your garden in an old-fashioned way to have a lovely view into the yard would boost the performance of your listing. 

Social Media

TikTok is the most popular application among Generation Z at the moment. You want to capture younger people’s attention to your business. With that purpose in mind, it’s best if you post beautiful videos of your gardening process and the results as short videos on TikTok. Use 15-30 seconds to create art and make your garden look appealing using trending hashtags and music. 

Instagram is also very beneficial for gardeners. Instagram is a space for pictures. Gardens are perfect to take appealing and attractive photos. By posting on these platforms you can gain a large audience and turn your hobby into a profitable business. 

Indoor Gardening

Indoor gardening has become quite popular over the years. Nowadays you can’t look up “dream house interior” without catching a glimpse of at least one room with beautiful plants. If you grow beautiful flowers, such as Orchids, Ferns, and Palms, your home will get a comfortable look. 

A pop of color is never too much for an interior design and that’s exactly what you don’t want to miss. What better way to fill your house with decorative colors that even smell wonderful and bring life to your property than by growing plants on your shelves? Not to mention, plants look wonderful next to stacks of classic books.

A Jade Plant
Jade plants are low maintenance and easy to grow.

Jade plant is the perfect beginner plant to spruce up your living space. Passion Flower, Nana Juniper, and Spanish Lavender are also durable and very aesthetically pleasing. If you are in the property business, plants indoors will be a subtle touch that will make the space value get higher. 


Many gardening trends today are similar to what they were in the past. After all, flowers and plants have always been around. However, technologies have developed and social media has gained power. It would be best to keep that in mind as you turn your hobby into a purposeful activity.

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