Organic Ways To Protect Your Garden From Pests

The fight between gardeners and pests is a long one. While there are many effective ways to deal with pests, many of them have adverse effects on the environment.
But is it possible to keep pests at bay without having to turn to harsh chemicals and extreme methods? Can nature herself provide ways of keeping insects and vermin out of our gardens?

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DIY Water Bottle Wasp Trap

Wasps can be a big nuisance. Some folks can ignore them, but most people jump, dodge or even run at the sight of wasps. You could live with a can of chemical wasp spray in your hand every time you head to the yard or you could hang up some wasp traps. How about a DIY water bottle wasp…

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Pitcher Plant and Frog

Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes)

We bought a Pitcher Plant at one of the local tropical plant sales and it has been hanging under one of our ligustrum trees for well over a year. I won’t speak for other’s plants, but our one and only insect eating plant is not very needy. When dry, it gets misted from our overhead…

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Tips For Keeping Your Garden Truly Organic

How organic are these products that I see online and in the stores that are being sold for garden critter control? That’s the question I asked myself recently. In an effort to educate myself on what is what in the “organic” gardening products world, I found this article that gives the USDA’s viewpoint on the…

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Grubs Are Never My Friends

GRUBS!…..Every year there seems to be talk about these little guys. Usually, it’s after they have done their damage and all that remains is brown turf and the owner’s frustration. We have grubs in our yard and gardens. We usually acknowledge that they are there and move on to the next “fun” project. However, this…

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