DIY Bamboo Pole Rack

A few years ago we started growing bamboo, both clumping and running. One of the byproducts from trimming and thinning out the clumps is bamboo poles. We’re starting to build a collection that range from six to twenty feet tall. Next year we should be getting even larger and taller poles. I’ve had several ideas for…

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Free Stack of Bamboo Poles

Recycled Bamboo Chair Trellis

This recycled bamboo chair trellis is definitely an economical garden project. It’s the kind of idea that we look forward to receiving  from neighbors, friends and readers. It’s nice knowing that gardeners are reusing objects by restyling, redesigning, rethinking, and recycling! A couple of our friends found some old chairs on the side of the…

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Incorporating Bamboo Into Your Landscaping

I came across this article about bamboo. And since I am a big fan of these fascinating plants, I wanted to share this with the hope that more people will learn to enjoy them too. Incorporating Bamboo Into Your Landscaping By: Rene Thompson Bamboo is a ubiquitous tropical plant with thousands of uses, ranging from the building…

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