Lowe’s Build and Grow Workshop

Yesterday, two of the grand kids brought Trish her Mother’s Day present. It was a little wooden planter that they had made at a Lowe’s Build and Grow Workshop for kids. We have seen a couple of the projects before. One of their bird feeders made it’s way over here a few weeks ago. This Mother’s Day planter is too nice to ignore.

The price is right on this project since the kits are free from Lowe’s. And the kids walk away with more than just the completed project. Every kid who participates also gets a free apron, goggles, a project themed patch and a certificate for the completed project.

There must be an adult in attendance, so this is not a Saturday morning babysitting offer. This is a fine way for parents to interact with their kids in a hands on way. A way for kids to be creative and begin learning how to work with their hands, tools and with other kids.

You can sign up online for the clinics. However, you still need to get there early because when they run out of kits or space no more are allowed into the clinic.

Lowes Mother’s Day Planter

Home Depot offers a similar program. Their program is called Kids Workshops.
Both programs take place on Saturday mornings. I believe that your child must be at least six years old and the clinics last about an hour or so. I would suggest that you stop at your local Lowe’s or Home Depot’s customer service desk to find all the details for your particular location.

This is definitely a Gardening on a Dime type project. Granted that on this particular project, the parents spent five bucks for some succulents to fill the planter. But all in all, for five dollars, a little online registration, an hour or so worth of Saturday morning time, the kids make something that they can have pride in, the parents spend a little quality time with those kids, and in this case, Trish gets to keep a pretty cool planter.

Happy Gardening,
Dave and Trish

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  1. That’s a great article! I am a firm believer of hands on projects to get the kids involved! I know my mom would enjoy a hand made planter like that from the kids! 🙂

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