7 Low-Maintenance Plants for Your Office Space

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If you are looking for the best and most affordable way to decorate your office space, plants are the answer to your problem. This eco-friendly option will make your office space shine. In addition to this, you will feel more comfortable and happy when spending time at work. But some plants can take a lot of effort to help them stay healthy and grow. These low-maintenance plants for your office space are the best options. With these plants, you will decorate your office space easily without putting too much effort into upkeep.

  1. Monstera is one of the best plants for your office space

A favorite amongst indoor plants is the Monstera. This beautiful plant is low-maintenance and can easily survive in your office space. All this plant requires is occasional watering and sunlight. You won’t have to worry about changing the plant’s pot often. It only needs to be changed after a couple of years. That is a great choice, as you can find Monsteras in smaller and larger sizes. It is well known for its large leaves, which usually have a couple of small holes. This one plant can add lots of greenery because of its large leaves. So, even if you only have one Monstera in your office, it will significantly affect its overall appearance.

  1. Succulents 

When talking about low-maintenance plants, we have to mention succulents. This group of plants doesn’t need a lot of water. Although cacti are popular, there are a lot of other succulents that can make your office space shine. They are a great way to add some color without purchasing flowers. You can buy them in different shades of pink and red. They can work in any office with rocks and a nice plant pot. This way, you can combine a couple of different succulents into one cohesive piece of décor. They will help create a relaxing atmosphere, which is crucial in any office space. Some of the most popular succulents include the Zebra plant, the Chalk Liveforever, and Aloe Vera. And because they are so small, you can add a tiny succulent to every desk in your office. 

Aloe Vera, one of the best low-maintenance plants for your office space
Aloe vera is a popular choice of low-maintenance plants.


  1. ZZ plant is a great choice 

One of the most beautiful and low-maintenance plants has to be the ZZ plant. It will enrich your office space. You won’t have to worry about whether you missed watering this plant on time. The ZZ plant only needs to be watered once every two or three weeks. That makes it perfect for a busy office space. As with any other plant, you can wipe down the leaves from dust from time to time. Now, the leaves will look shiny and bright all the time. 

  1. Snake plant 

The Snake plant is a good option if you want a medium-sized plant for your office space. The advantage of the snake plants is that it doesn’t need a lot of water. So, caring for it is extremely easy. Another benefit is that it doesn’t need a lot of sunlight. If your office space doesn’t have a lot of natural light, this plant can be great for you. After a while, you can put it in a bigger plant pot after it grows in size. 

  1. You can never go wrong with Yucca 

You may be surprised that Yucca is a very low-maintenance plant. This plant is great for office spaces. Yucca is fantastic because it can be very large. It can make any empty corner in your office space look fantastic. Overall, caring for a Yucca plant is very easy. It’s best to put it next to a window to get enough sunlight. Fertilizer and trimming leaves can help it stay healthy and grow. This plant will catch the eye of anyone who walks into your office space. As far as plants for your office space go, this one is a must. 

ZZ plant inside a white plant pot.
The ZZ plant is one of the easy, low-maintenance plants for your office space.


  1. Fiddle-leaf fig 

There’s no better plant for your office space than the Fiddle-leaf fig. The fiddle-leaf fig comes in a variety of different sizes. And this plant can grow a lot in size. So, if your office space has tall ceilings, this is the perfect option. It will need watering once a week and could benefit from lots of sunlight. You can recognize it easily by its beautiful, large leaves. The richness of the branches makes this plant perfect for every corner of your office space. 

  1. Orchids are also low-maintenance 

Another surprising, low-maintenance plant is the orchid. This gorgeous plant needs to be watered only once a week. It is effortless but can add a pop of color to your office space. You can choose from several colors of Orchids, including white, pink, red, and so on. There’s even the option of an orchid with spotted leaves. As a result, this plant will make every window in your office space more beautiful. And Orchids will complement the rest of these plants beautifully. 

Moving plants into your office space

Instead of purchasing a whole new set of plants for your new office space, you can simply relocate the ones you already own. However, you need to handle them with care when you transport them. How you pack them will depend on the size of the plants you are transporting. To relocate them safely, you can pack them in protective paper and sturdy boxes. This way, you won’t damage the leaves on the plants during transport. 

Monstera in a bright room.
The Monstera is a plant that can make every room shine.


Final thoughts 

Using plants to decorate your office space is one of the best décor options you can choose from. They will create a relaxing atmosphere and help with the stress of work. Plus, they are the most eco-friendly option in terms of office décor. These low-maintenance plants for your office space will improve your workspace. You will easily stay motivated at your job once you add these seven plants. Your coworkers will appreciate the effort you put into creating a space everyone will love working in. 

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