Quickrete Walk Maker Form

How To Create Garden Walkways

Do you have paths in your garden? Do you have certain routes that you always take when going from one part of the yard to another? Do they look more like trails than paths? Worn areas that have been trampled down from repeated use? If so, here is a sure fire way to convert those…

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PotLifter 200-Pound Gardening Heavy Lifting Tool

 We found a product at one of the larger nurseries about a year or so ago. It’s called a “PotLifter”. It is a strap and handles harness that makes it a lot easier to move large pots, containers, logs, or bags of potting mix. We’ve used it to move concrete pots. Perhaps in other parts of the country…

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Dream Paver

DIY Garden Stepping Stones And Pavers

  This is the first of a series of posts about making your own garden stepping stones, pavers and hypertufa containers. We have dabbled in the past with using concrete mix, sand and colorants in our own homemade and recycled molds. This time, we are using molds from Mold Creations. Preparation is the key to…

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