Is Your Sprinkler System Leaking?

Leaking Sprinkler System

Water is a valuable resource and here at Gardening on a Dime, Trish and I are always thinking of ways to minimize our water usage and recover rainwater. Well I came across this cartoon recently. Not only is it humorous, but it brings up a good tip. Is your sprinkler system leaking underground?
Many times we see that neighbor or business that has the thirty foot stream shooting up in the air, the result of a broken sprinkler head. Repairing the head is easy. However, how many folks actually walk the paths of their system looking for leaks. Please check your systems regularly for low pressure in certain zones or pools of water sitting on the ground. And while you’re at it, look for areas where things seem a little extra healthy and green.

Leaking Sprinkler System
Is your sprinkler system leaking?

Most of us need water to enjoy our beautiful gardens. Let’s use it as efficiently as possible. It will makes the rabbits a whole lot happier!

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  1. I didn’t realize that it is easy to spring a leak underground for your sprinkler system. I just moved into a new home, and I haven’t checked yet if there are any leaks in my new sprinkler system. That does seem like a good thing for me to find out about as quickly as possible.

    1. Hi Ivy,
      Most of the underground PVC pipes are glued well enough to not leak. If applied correctly, the glue that holds the pieces together rarely fails. However, if an area has been crushed from above, that is where damage could occur. As I stated in the post, check your zones one at a time and see if the pressure is strong. Look for overly wet areas where you know that you have piping below. And, of course, as any home owner should do, monitor your water bill monthly to ensure that you do not have any unusual spikes in water consumption.
      Thanks for commenting.

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