Echinocereus pectinatus rubispinus – Rainbow Cactus

Echinocereus pectinatus rubispinus. Huh? I know…that’s a mouthful. We went to a Central Florida Cactus and Succulent Society’s sale last summer and brought home a couple of trays of those little 2″ pots, full of unusual cacti and succulents. One of those finds was this green and raspberry colored cactus. The plants were potted up…

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Succulents and Cacti Collection

15th Annual Cactus and Succulent Show

The Central Florida Cactus & Succulent Society is having their 15th Annual Cactus and Succulent Show & Sale at the University of South Florida Botanical Gardens this Saturday, September 4th, between 9am and 4pm. We have attended a few of the show/sales that are hosted by the USFBG and they always have a unique collection…

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