Blood Lilies Are Bursting With Color

Blood Lily Closeup

Blood Lilies, or African Blood Lilies (scadoxus multiflorus katherinae), are one of our favorite bulbs. They are up and blooming now, with everyone, including the butterflies, impressed by their beauty. The 200 or so flowers at the end of each stem last only a couple of weeks and they bloom just once per year. We…

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Autumn Beauty Sunflowers Are Blooming

Autumn Beauty Sunflower

Here at Gardening on a Dime, we have a few different sunflowers planted this year. One of the seeds we found on clearance a couple of months ago at one of the big box stores was Autumn Beauty Sunflower. Figuring that for a quarter a packet, we had nothing to lose. And since our whole…

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Rain Lilies, Fairy Lilies, Zephyr Lilies (Zephyranthes)

The summer rains have begun in our area of the south. One sure sign is when the Rain Lilies start opening up, especially after a summer storm. Zephyranthes are little bulbs that shoot up slender strappy leaves, followed by flower shoots eight to twelve inches tall. They are also known as Fairy Lilies or Zephyr…

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DIY Garden Stepping Stones And Pavers

Dream Paver

  This is the first of a series of posts about making your own garden stepping stones, pavers and hypertufa containers. We have dabbled in the past with using concrete mix, sand and colorants in our own homemade and recycled molds. This time, we are using molds from Mold Creations. Preparation is the key to…

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Is Your Sprinkler System Leaking?

Leaking Sprinkler System

Water is a valuable resource and here at Gardening on a Dime, Trish and I are always thinking of ways to minimize our water usage and recover rainwater. Well I came across this cartoon recently. Not only is it humorous, but it brings up a good tip. Is your sprinkler system leaking underground? Many times…

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