Carrion Plant flower

Carrion Plant (Stapelia Gigantea)

Also known as the Toad plant and the Starfish plant, this succulent from South Africa puts on an impressive show. Large buds emerge from the base of the plant and open up to a flower that is seven to ten inches in diameter. The name for this plant is a result of the “disgusting smell”,…

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Incorporating Bamboo Into Your Landscaping

I came across this article about bamboo. And since I am a big fan of these fascinating plants, I wanted to share this with the hope that more people will learn to enjoy them too. Incorporating Bamboo Into Your Landscaping By: Rene Thompson Bamboo is a ubiquitous tropical plant with thousands of uses, ranging from the building…

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University of South Florida Botanical Gardens

USF Botanical Gardens Spring Festival

We went to the 2010 Spring Plant Festival today. It’s a two day annual event at the USF Botanical Gardens. It was a wonderfully warm day for the outdoor festival. With over 50 vendors on the list, there were plenty of plants to examine. Now, these were not the kind of plants that you run…

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