How To Drill Drainage Holes In Ceramic Pots, Planters And More

You can find a variety of ceramic containers at most thrift stores, garage sales and outlet stores. Many of them can be used as decorative planters. And they will work fine indoors, as long as you do not over water them. Try using them as planters outdoors on your deck or patio and there is a good chance that rain will drown your plants….

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Sunday Garden Quote: Plant Happiness In Your Garden

He who plants a garden plants happiness.” — Chinese Proverb — Can spending time in a garden give you a feeling of happiness? I saw this quote shortly after we visited with some friends.  Friends who are also gardeners. Gardeners who are state fair winning gardeners. Best of show, best of division sort of folks. Sitting for…

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Sunday Garden Quote: Mother’s Day

A mother’s love is like a garden. Her children are the seeds.And as they grow, she tends to them. Fulfilling all their needs.Her kindness is like sunshine that warms them as they flower.Her nurturing, like springtime rain, a soft and gentle shower.A mother’s love is like a garden, reflecting tender care.For wherever there is beauty,…

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Bird feeder battles: Winning the war against squirrels

Last weekend, I was speaking with some gardeners about their bird feeder battles with squirrels. The general consensus was that the squirrels always win. But today I learned that we might be able to help the birds in the fight to keep bird seed just that….bird seed, not squirrel food. How about some spicy hot bird seed? Or…

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