Autumn Beauty Sunflowers Are Blooming

Autumn Beauty Sunflower

Here at Gardening on a Dime, we have a few different sunflowers planted this year. One of the seeds we found on clearance a couple of months ago at one of the big box stores was Autumn Beauty Sunflower. Figuring that for a quarter a packet, we had nothing to lose. And since our whole idea is to garden a little more economical, using the money saved for quality garden tools and toys, we plopped them into the ground and let nature have it’s way with them.

Now it’s been a about six weeks and they have popped up to five or six feet tall and are starting to bloom. The Autumn Beauties are opening first.

Autumn Beauty Sunflower

There are some Mammoth Russians and Lemon Queens following close behind them.
Autumn Beauty Sunflower

We hope to enjoy those as well over the next couple of weeks.
Until then….

Happy Gardening,
Dave and Trish

Two Florida gardeners living in a sub-tropical paradise. Find us on Google+!


  1. Years ago a tornado destroyed all the trees in the center of pour property. i grieved over the loss of my big shade trees, then that summer I was cheered to find a sunflower blooming cheerfully in my newly sunny front yard! I suppose a bird planted it, but since then sunflowers have been a symbol of hope and renewal to me. Yours are gorgeous!

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