7 Great Low-Light Plants for Your Apartment

7 Great Low-Light Plants for Your Apartment

The indoor gardener has to deal with low-light situations regularly. Indoors, even plants that thrive in the shade need more light, and this can be difficult to get unless additional lighting is provided. But there is still hope. Low-light-loving houseplants can be a real boon to your home’s ecosystem. Observing the plant in its native habitat is the simplest approach to determining what will thrive in low-light conditions. A sunny location is excellent for desert plants such as cactus and succulents; however, anything that naturally grows on or under a tree canopy or thrives in shadow is a good option for low light conditions like those found in forests. Here are our recommendations on great low-light plants for you.

#1 Ferns

Ferns are among the most successful indoor plants because of their ability to flourish in low light conditions. Ferns love gloomy areas because they avoid direct sunlight. They will enjoy any corner, nook, or cranny you put them in.

Watering your fern correctly is a crucial part of fern care. It’s best to spritz your ferns with water to ensure their leaves get enough moisture. These guys love moisture so much that they will thrive in your bathroom! If you water your fern regularly and keep the soil evenly moist, you should have no issue keeping these great low-light plants flourishing in your house.

Green Ferns
Ferns are fun, exotic, and great low-light plants!


#2 Golden Pothos

The Golden Pothos can survive in conditions where no other plant can, including very little light and nearly no water. Due to its gorgeous, sturdy, and easy-to-grow vines with smooth, leathery, heart-shaped leaves, it is one of the most popular indoor plants. They’re easy to keep healthy, and you can transport them easily even if you’re moving! They’re one of the easiest plants to handle if you are moving plants. The leaves of some cultivars alternate with rope-like green stems with characteristic marbling. As far as special care goes, the vines should be loosened and dusted regularly to avoid becoming tangled. However, as a precaution, you should keep your pets away from this plant because it is poisonous to them.

#3 ZZ plant

If you don’t have much time or light, this is the plant for you. The ZZ Plant is one of the toughest around, making it an excellent pick for newbies. Even if you don’t have the time or inclination to give your ZZ Plant the attention it needs, it will thrive. It’s also visually appealing, thanks to its tall stature and glossy dark green foliage.

The simple care it needs makes the ZZ Plant one of the great low-light plants. You only have to water it every two weeks! Allow the soil to dry out completely between waterings. Using a well-draining indoor potting mix might help with this. If you feel like it, you can use a houseplant fertilizer once a month. And, of course, make sure that your ZZ is getting enough indirect light, but if that’s impossible, it can also handle lower light levels. 

Potted ZZ plants
The ZZ is easy to keep and even easier to love!


#4 Philodendron

Philodendrons make excellent roommates because they will tell you exactly what they need if you pay attention to them. It’s recommended to place your Philodendrons under a window that receives indirect sunlight. The top inch or two of the soil should be allowed to dry out between waterings for these plants, which prefer a dry environment. Compared to the other plants on our list, taking care of these ones may require a little more attention. Despite this, they’re still one of America’s sweethearts when it comes to house plants! A Philodendron will never give you the runaround if you’re ready to pay attention. A change in the color of the leaves or any degree of drooping are signs your Philodendron needs some care.

#5 Snake plant

The Snake Plant is one of the greatest low-light plants. Stiff sword-like leaves edged in gray, silver, or gold define the Snake Plant, commonly known as Mother-in-Law Tongue. The snake plant’s streamlined appearance makes it ideal for contemporary settings. 

This plant prefers regular, open-pored potting soil. Keeping it dry is what this plant loves, so you only need to water it every two to three weeks. And as far as light goes, the Snake Plant prefers indirect light that is medium to bright but also handles low indirect light very well.

#6 Peace lily

Because of their adaptability and cheap upkeep, Peace Lilies are popular. These lilies can reach a height of 3–5 feet with adequate care, making them excellent floor plants. You can really beautify your home with them! It is recommended to keep these plants out of direct sunshine. When the peace lily begins to wilt, it is time to water it. You can avoid overwatering your plant using this approach if you’re unsure when the soil is dry. A natural air freshener, Peace Lilies can be seen in plenty of households since they contain detoxifying characteristics that truly purify the air around the plant.

A Peace Lily in full bloom in a low-light room.
The Peace Lily will keep your home smelling fresh.

#7 Cast Iron Plant

Indestructible houseplants like the Cast Iron Plant have a well-earned reputation. If they’re not given enough light or water, they won’t die. However, you still need to water them occasionally. The optimal time to water them is when you can feel the soil dry with your finger. Be sure to keep them out of direct sunshine, so they don’t get scorched. A window facing north is excellent for this.

Final words

If you’re really not getting enough sunlight, these great low-light plants will enrich your home. But just because your houseplant loves hanging in the shade doesn’t mean you can completely ignore it. All plants require some amount of light in order to thrive. Make sure that your plants are situated in proportion to the sun. And remember- light enters your home at a different angle throughout the winter. So don’t be afraid to mix things up a bit and re-organize your green friends! It can lead to some fun interior designing! 

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