10 Plants That Will Boost Your Curb Appeal 

Blue hydrangeas

Maintaining good curb appeal is easy when you have fantastic plants. They will make your home look better instantly. And being surrounded by a lot of greenery will positively impact your mood and mental health. These plants that will boost your curb appeal will help your home shine and stand out from the neighbors’. Depending on your preferences, you can add several different plants to your front yard. In addition to being beautiful and functional, these plants are easy to take care of. 

1 Hydrangeas 

Hydrangeas are one of the best choices for improving curb appeal. It is an affordable plant that can prosper if you care for it well. If you are new to gardening, they are the perfect plant for you. Hydrangeas are a great outdoor starter plant. One of the advantages of planting hydrangeas is that they are lush and can cover a large area. They are easily recognizable by their large, bright flowers when they bloom. Because of this, they will likely be the focal point of your lawn and draw the eyes of any visitor. 

2 Roses

Roses are a classic and timeless choice you can’t go wrong with. When you care for your roses well, they will grow fast and bloom with beautiful flowers. There are several roses varieties, so you can find the right ones for your curb appeal. Another advantage to roses is that you have a wide range of colors to choose from. So they are a good choice if you want to add a mix of different colors. 

A red rose in the yard.
Roses are a good choice if you are unsure which plant to choose.

3 Grass 

Of course, we can’t talk about curb appeal without mentioning the importance of planting grass. This is the one thing every beautiful lawn must have. You may wonder whether natural or artificial grass is right for you and your home. Natural grass may be the better option for your yard if you want to save money and be eco-friendly. But artificial grass is the right choice if you just don’t have the time to keep up with your yard work. 

4 Pine trees

If you have a large front yard, consider planting pine trees. Evergreens are a fantastic choice, as they are one of the rare plants that will boost your curb appeal any time of the year. Pine trees are the most popular choice of evergreens. Even though they experience a needle drop, they still look lovely. Their roots make them safe to plant near houses. In winter, you can decorate them with string lights and further improve your curb appeal. 

5 Boxwood 

Another popular evergreen choice is the boxwood plant, the perfect evergreen for edging. Boxwood is a simple plant that will add texture and style to your front yard. And because it is simple, it won’t overpower the rest of the plants you planted. It is easy to style into different shapes. In other words, you can get creative and shape it in several different ways to boost your curb appeal. 

6 Lilac 

Caring for lilac may initially seem challenging, but it is much simpler than it looks. The key to growing lilac successfully is to plant them in suitable soil. Once you create a good environment and plant your lilac, further upkeep is easy. When you research tips and tricks, growing lilac and other plants will be hassle-free. Their strong and beautiful fragrance makes them stand out as one of the most beautifully scented plants. And the signature color of the petals is just what your yard needs to look its best. 

A close view of lilac buds.
Lilac is always a good choice.


7 Lilies 

Another plant that will catch the eye of anyone who looks at your home is the lily. They are visually gorgeous and one of the most popular plants in the world. Lilies can be easily noticed as they are relatively tall plants. It’s no wonder many people choose lilies to improve the curb appeal of their homes. Before you plant lilies, find a place with a lot of sunlight because lilies need a lot of it to grow. 

8 Ribbon grass

If you are new to gardening, ribbon grass is a choice you can’t go wrong with. You will easily add texture to your landscape with this plant. The advantage of ribbon grass is that it is a resistant plant. Although it blooms, it has tiny flowers that won’t overpower the rest of the plants. The ribbon grass plant is the perfect choice for decorating a mailbox and edging a pathway in your yard. They are simple, yet they look fantastic. 

9 Azaleas 

This beautiful plant is easy to care for and doesn’t require much time or effort. Azaleas come in many different colors, just like roses. If you add both of these plants to your yard, make sure you find complementary colors. Plan ahead for which flowers you wish to plant and where. This will help you visualize the final result and help you decide before you start planting anything. 

A close-up of azaleas.
One of the best plants that will boost your curb appeal is the azaleas.

10 Magnolia 

Last but not least, magnolias can be just what your home needs to improve its curb appeal. Magnolias are always the focal point of any yard they are planted in. Their unique and wonderfully scented flowers make them easily recognizable. That’s why magnolias are popular year after year. Even though it may take some time before your magnolia can grow large, your patience will pay off. Magnolias can grow quite tall, all the while maintaining their beautiful look. 

In summary of plants that will boost your curb appeal 

Even though upgrades and decor can improve your home’s curb appeal, plants are the best choice for making your home look fabulous. These plants that will boost your curb appeal will also help create a welcoming environment. When people look at your home, they will be amazed by the natural decor. These plants will catch the eye of just about anyone and help your home look fantastic throughout the year. Finally, you may even discover the joy of gardening along the way and find a new favorite hobby. 

Author Bio: Contributing author Jennifer Smith works as a writer and agent for Peak Services Las Vegas. She loves decorating her home and researching how to improve her garden and curb appeal. 

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