The Real Meaning of Plant Catalog Terminology:

Emma White / Brownies and Pansies / 1899

After spending Saturday digging a french drain to keep dirt from flooding into a bed covered with river rock, I thought about all of the “laboring” we have been doing this hot rainy summer here at Gardening On A Dime. So, for this morning’s Sunday Morning Garden Quote, I thought a little humor was in order to help celebrate this Labor Day weekend.

I found a list of descriptions that would never be found in any plant catalog. This list is not at all like the tips I posted a few months ago, called Seed Catalog Tips.

Emma White  Brownies and Pansies

Brownies and Pansies by Emma White

The Real Meaning of Plant Catalog Terminology:

“A favorite of birds” means to avoid planting near cars, sidewalks, or clotheslines.

“Grows more beautiful each year” means “Looks like roadkill for the foreseeable future.”

“Zone 5 with protection” is a variation on the phrase “Russian roulette.”

“May require support” means your daughter’s engineering degree will finally pay off.

“Moisture-loving” plants are ideal for landscaping all your bogs and swamps.

“Carefree” refers more to the plant’s attitude than to your workload.

“Vigorous” is code for “has a Napoleonic compulsion to take over the world.”

“Grandma’s Favorite” — until she discovered free-flowering, disease-resistant hybrids.

Thanks to Garden Digest for these new insights on how to read a plant catalog.

Have some fun today and try not to labor too much on this Labor Day weekend.

Happy Gardening,
Dave and Trish

This post was updated on December 23rd, 2013

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