Quickrete Walk Maker Form

How To Create Garden Walkways

Do you have paths in your garden? Do you have certain routes that you always take when going from one part of the yard to another? Do they look more like trails than paths? Worn areas that have been trampled down from repeated use? If so, here is a sure fire way to convert those…

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DIY Bamboo Pole Rack

A few years ago we started growing bamboo, both clumping and running. One of the byproducts from trimming and thinning out the clumps is bamboo poles. We’re starting to build a collection that range from six to twenty feet tall. Next year we should be getting even larger and taller poles. I’ve had several ideas for…

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DIY Water Bottle Wasp Trap

Wasps can be a big nuisance. Some folks can ignore them, but most people jump, dodge or even run at the sight of wasps. You could live with a can of chemical wasp spray in your hand every time you head to the yard or you could hang up some wasp traps. How about a DIY water bottle wasp…

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Economical Bonsai

Easy Bonsai Tips For Beginners

A plant that you think must have taken hours and hours of care. And you would probably be correct in most cases. However, there is a way to grow bonsai plants that provides a relaxing form of gardening at an easy and economical price. What follows are a few tips that we use for growing…

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