Railroad Vine Flower

Railroad Vines For Beach Erosion Control

Railroad vine grows on sand dunes in many tropical and subtropical regions. Here in the states it can be found on beaches from Georgia to Texas. We recently had the chance to snap a few photos of railroad vines when we spent some time on the Atlantic coast of Florida. The views looking out over…

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Pitcher Plant and Frog

Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes)

We bought a Pitcher Plant at one of the local tropical plant sales and it has been hanging under one of our ligustrum trees for well over a year. I won’t speak for other’s plants, but our one and only insect eating plant is not very needy. When dry, it gets misted from our overhead…

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Carrion Plant flower

Carrion Plant (Stapelia Gigantea)

Also known as the Toad plant and the Starfish plant, this succulent from South Africa puts on an impressive show. Large buds emerge from the base of the plant and open up to a flower that is seven to ten inches in diameter. The name for this plant is a result of the “disgusting smell”,…

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Blue Skies and Indian Blankets

Whenever we visit the beach we look forward to seeing the blue skies above the ocean  one of our favorite wildflowers, Indian Blanket flowers. Gaillardia pulchella, also know as Firewheel or just plain Indian Blanket grows throughout most of the central United states. In our area, they grow wild on the sand dunes. Liking hot weather, we…

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Blood Lily Closeup

Blood Lilies Are Bursting With Color

Blood Lilies, or African Blood Lilies (scadoxus multiflorus katherinae), are one of our favorite bulbs. They are up and blooming now, with everyone, including the butterflies, impressed by their beauty. The 200 or so flowers at the end of each stem last only a couple of weeks and they bloom just once per year. We…

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