Quickrete Walk Maker Form

How To Create Garden Walkways

Do you have paths in your garden? Do you have certain routes that you always take when going from one part of the yard to another? Do they look more like trails than paths? Worn areas that have been trampled down from repeated use? If so, here is a sure fire way to convert those…

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Succulent Ground Cover

How To Use Ground Cover To Cover Bare Spots In Your Yard

It must be spring. The sounds of garden equipment on Saturday mornings and folks standing in lines at  local nurseries.  And as yards are greening up and new plant growth is seen everywhere, the bare spots from last year’s failures and winter’s destructive nature seem to stick out like a sore thumb. Here are a…

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garden deck

Greener Decorating For Your Deck And Patio

I must admit that none of our re-purposing or recycling projects for our outdoor decorating spaces have turned out as nice as the two examples shown below. However, when I was reading about these spaces, I realized that the ideas behind their design offer some good tips and ideas for creating an outdoor space that…

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DIY Bamboo Pole Rack

A few years ago we started growing bamboo, both clumping and running. One of the byproducts from trimming and thinning out the clumps is bamboo poles. We’re starting to build a collection that range from six to twenty feet tall. Next year we should be getting even larger and taller poles. I’ve had several ideas for…

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Meet Howard The Screech Owl

We have a deck that sits anywhere from four to five feet above ground. Sitting on the swing, looking across the deck and  out over the back yard is a common way to pass time around here. For privacy and some shade, a couple of years ago we planted two clumps of Bambusa chungii ‘Barbellata’….

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