Grubs Are Never My Friends

GRUBS!…..Every year there seems to be talk about these little guys. Usually, it’s after they have done their damage and all that remains is brown turf and the owner’s frustration. We have grubs in our yard and gardens. We usually acknowledge that they are there and move on to the next “fun” project. However, this…

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Gilmour Metal Quick Connector Set Review

Today, I want to talk a little about your garden hose and the sprayer that goes on the male end of the hose. It seems that no matter what style sprayer I use, be it a pistol, wand, bubbler or sprinkler, I always end up with something that leaks. I can start off with new…

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University of South Florida Botanical Gardens

USF Botanical Gardens Spring Festival

We went to the 2010 Spring Plant Festival today. It’s a two day annual event at the USF Botanical Gardens. It was a wonderfully warm day for the outdoor festival. With over 50 vendors on the list, there were plenty of plants to examine. Now, these were not the kind of plants that you run…

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